Hello Z Quality Innovations, I want to sincerely thank you for what you did for me. Everything is working to perfection. What I feel now is exactly what your e-mail says, very, very, happy! What I have now is the fulfillment of a dream that started over 30 years ago. You are truly a great and gifted person. Thank you for thanking me for my military service. Not enough people in this country even bother to think about what the veterans did for them and that even includes a lot of our politicians in Washington. It really means a lot to a veteran when he is thanked. Sincerely, William R Rodgers.

A Note from us: No matter what we have today good or bad, these men and women gave their lives to make it better! Please thank them as so many do not get the respect they so greatly deserve. In honor of William and the others like him we are now offering a in shop 25% discount to all veterans. Thanks again to all of you and your families for all the battles you fought for us. Sincerely, Z Quality Innovations!

Just a quick note to thank you for the computer and the work you did for us at Ceramlock Coatings. The pre-owned computer was an excellent value and we are very happy with the unit and the work you did to transfer the data from my old unit. I have already referred you to another client of ours and plan on using you for our future computer needs. I will be calling you soon to tune-up my personal computer. If you have anyone who would like to ask about your service please do not hesitate to give them my number.Frank Bright

I have used Jim's services for over 5 years. Every time he'd fix something I would mess something else up. He's reliable, trustworthy & smart. good luck on your new adventure. John Turley

They offer the best service and guarantee their work. A friend of mine in Port Saint Lucie recommended them and they did me right! I am satisfaction guaranteed on my computer repair. Wayne Roznak

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